3 Vintage Style Chandelier Lighting Ideas

When it comes to your home’s decor, replacing a light fixture is a simple change which can have a big impact. And that impact is made even more noticeable when you choose a vintage lighting piece. A vintage chandelier can tie your home’s decor together, and it makes a wonderful conversation starter. Whether hung in a living room or over a dining room table, these fixtures make beautiful additions to any home.

Chandeliers offer the perfect combination of style and function, bringing light to your home and beauty to your living space. The right chandelier will last you years, and will create a central part of your home’s signature style. Choosing the right chandelier for your space can sometimes be a bit of a challenge given the vast number of light fixtures available on the market today. But a vintage chandelier is a wonderful choice, and one which will complement a number of design styles, helping you to avoid buyer’s remorse as your design preferences change over time. Making an investment in a vintage chandelier is a sound choice, and one which will be sure to bring you years of reliable beauty.

Here are 3 incredible vintage style chandelier lighting ideas:

1. Sphere Chandelier

Sphere Chandelier

This lovely sphere chandelier features crisscrossing metal rings surrounding six individual bulbs, all suspended from a rugged chain. The resulting lighting effect is beautiful, with the rings creating soft shadows throughout the room. It comes with a plug or can be professionally hard-wired, making it suitable for hanging anywhere in your home. Best of all, its simple design makes it compatible with any number of home decor items, meaning that you can add this piece to any space without worrying about contrasting styles. If you’re looking for a simple yet unique chandelier which will flatter any home’s decor, this sphere chandelier is the perfect choice.

2. Wine Barrel Chandelier

If you are a fan of wine, then this wine barrel chandelier would be perfect for your home. Crafted from six wooden wine barrel slats connected with a spherical wooden ringed base, it features six bulbs to bring the perfect amount of light to any room. This chandelier has a gorgeous aesthetic, with understated earth tones and deep textures. It is perfect for any living or dining room, or even in an entryway. Adding this chandelier to any living space is sure to result in admiring compliments and conversations from those curious about its origins. Just like wine itself, this chandelier is sure to loosen tongues and add mirth to any gathering.

3. Metal Birdcage Chandelier With Crystals

Metal Birdcage Chandelier With Crystals

If you are looking for a truly glamourous piece, this metal birdcage chandelier with crystals fits the bill perfectly. It features a beautiful vintage-inspired birdcage surrounding a chandelier crafted from metal and dropping crystals. It holds four bulbs, making it a suitable choice for any room in need of soft lighting. This gorgeous chandelier is a perfect addition to any bedroom, or even a well-appointed master bath. While many light fixtures quietly rest in the background, this chandelier is a true eye-catcher, and will become the focal point of any space.

When it comes to decorating your home, the right light fixtures can make all the difference. A vintage chandelier is a great choice to give your home an instant style upgrade. Any of these three vintage inspired chandeliers would make a great addition to your living space, bringing you both light and glamour in one simple, gorgeous fixture.