10 Inspiring Coastal Decorating Ideas for Your Living Room

Whether you live at the beach or just want to showcase your love for the region, a coastal theme can create the atmosphere you want. Here are 10 coastal decorating ideas for living rooms that can bring your vision to life.

1. Opt for Soft, Beachy Hues

Use a beach-inspired color palette when planning your decor. Choose beachy blues, soft yellows and dreamy pinks to add color to your space. Choose neutral accents such as the natural rattan table lamp to balance the aesthetic.

2. Use a Variety of Texture

Incorporate a range of textures into your design. A driftwood tray or canvas storage baskets are great for adding subtle texture to your room. You can also use pieces of antique metal or wicker furniture to incorporate textures you often find on or near the beach. The options are endless but stick to beachy textures to get the aesthetic you want.

3. Hang Beach-Inspired Art

Every room needs a focal point, and if you want a coastal aesthetic, nothing works better to set the tone than a beach-themed picture. Hang a canvas print over your couch or sofa table to tie the room together and inspire relaxing emotions.

4. Use Antique Items

Natural items you find on or near the beach often have a lot of wear and tear, so antique items are perfect for a coastal aesthetic. Use them sparingly to accent your space without overwhelming it. Metal buckets or a distressed clock are great items to add to coastal living space to give it a well-worn feel.

5. Add Beachy Accents

Having too many knick-knacks in your living room can cause the space to feel cluttered, so you don't want to go overboard when it comes to choosing decorative accents. For a coastal space, choose decor items that are beach-themed. This mermaid bookend or a cute throw pillow shaped like a shell are good for creating a beachy vibe.

6. Incorporate Glass

Sea glass is a natural texture, so incorporating it into your design is a wonderful way to create a coastal living room. Sea glass votive holders add gorgeous color to your space but don't take over the room. You could also opt for glass vases or pitchers to incorporate the material.

7. Prioritize Natural Light

Having a lot of natural light is important for any coastal aesthetic. If you need to install light fixtures for when natural light isn't available, opt for something like a pendant light or a chandelier covered in seashells to match your desired aesthetic while providing soft light.

8. Select Wicker Furniture

Furniture comes in a wide variety of textures and styles, but when you think of the beach, you think of wicker. Choose wicker furniture pieces to incorporate a beachy theme. You can always include cushions to enhance comfort, but wicker material is synonymous with a coastal atmosphere. You can find many types of furniture made of wicker. Think about using a shelf with wicker baskets or a wicker chair to relax at the end of a long day.

9. Use Potted Plants

When you think of creating a coastal living room, you probably don't think about using potted plants at first. However, this tactic is perfect for adding color and bringing an outdoor feel into your room. Choose small plants that are light and airy. The most important thing is to choose pots that match your desired aesthetic. Choose a glass vase to hold small plants or opt for large terracotta planters with textured designs to match your coastal theme.

10. Maintain an Airy Aesthetic

When you are looking for coastal decorating ideas for living rooms, the most important thing to remember is to keep the design natural and airy. Opt for natural textures that don't take up a lot of space. Seagrass baskets make perfect accents because they add texture without making your space look cluttered and overwhelming.

Get Ideas for Your Coastal Living Room

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