Building and Budgeting for Your Beautiful Grandmillennial Kitchen

When it comes to home decor and style, most people have a choice between the old and the new, especially for essential rooms such as the kitchen or the living room. The grandmillennial style merges modernity with antique charms. It can best be described as a blending of what Millennials and their grandparents love. When you think of antique and modern items, you may feel you need to spend a lot of money. Here’s what you should know about creating a grandmillennial kitchen you’re sure to love.

Envisioning Your Grandmillennial Kitchen

A grandmillennial style kitchen isn’t just a mishmash of vintage and contemporary looks. It’s a distinctive aesthetic that requires an intentional approach for a pulled-together look. Think traditional pieces with floral prints and block patterns combined with modern elements. The grandmillennial look is also considered a maximalist approach, so more is definitely more. Your kitchen should feature bold colors, layered patterns, and a sense of planned playfulness.

Going Bold

Bright and bold colors are essential for a grandmillennial kitchen. Most rooms include wall colors, cabinetry, and appliances with neutral hues such as whites, blacks, browns, and grays. Repainting cabinets in brighter and bolder colors is one way to go grandmillennial, but carefully chosen accessories can achieve the same effect. Glazed dishes in bold colors can pull double duty as decor and dinnerware, for example.

Embracing the Chinoiserie

Derived from “chinois,” the French word for Chinese, Chinoiserie describes pieces that are like a Western interpretation of Eastern art and design. Chinoiserie elements are often ceramics such as flatware, jars, and figurines. These items are emblematic of the grandmillennial style due to the bold colors and busy detail. A well-designed grandmillennial kitchen should include these elements. Consider multi-colored or mix-and-match objects based on a single-color story such as blue and white.

Mixing Patterns

For most people, mixing different patterns may seem counterintuitive; however, to the grandmillennial enthusiast, layering and juxtaposing different prints is foundational to the look. While some may expect to see matching flatware or drinkware displayed in the kitchen, you should consider pieces or elements with contrasting, yet coordinating patterns. Common ways to introduce this to your space include wall decor, kitchen linens, or a set of mugs for tea or coffee. 

Hanging It Up

Wall art is a great way to incorporate grandmillennial themes into your space. From playful styles to floral patterns and more, a coordinating set of wall artwork adds visual interest and can contrast beautifully with kitchen elements that feature cleaner lines, such as appliances and cabinetry. You can use artwork from the same set, or mix and match complementary pieces. Colorful renderings of blossoms usually work, but butterflies can be a grandmillennial’s best friend.

“Texturizing” Your Space

The ideal grandmillennial kitchen engages multiple senses. Colors, prints, and patterns engage the eyes, but what about your sense of touch? When picking objects for your space, think about texture to engage your sense of touch. Items made of other materials, such as rattan, make texture an integral aspect of your kitchen’s design. You can introduce these elements as furniture, wall decor, kitchen linens, rugs, and more.

Letting Your Light Shine

Lighting is an important aspect of the look and feel of a space, and your grandmillennial kitchen is no exception. An antique or vintage-inspired light fixture serves your illumination needs while bringing an old-world element that is part and parcel of a grandmillennial style kitchen. Consider a chandelier over a breakfast nook or morning room to contrast with modern cabinets or fixtures.

Detailing Your Grandmillennial Kitchen

The grandmillennial style is one that focuses on details. Ornate elements contrast with simple lines, blending old and new in a way that is exemplary of the “granny chic” aesthetic. Your kitchen likely doesn’t feature vintage appliances or cupboards with scrolls and other fine details. You can introduce fancy accessories and hardware to your room for a grandmillennial touch. Needlepoint embroidery and decor with ornate features add the right finish to your space. 

It takes various elements in a space to pull things together. The grandmillennial kitchen of your dreams can be a reality with quality pieces that bring the best of what’s old and what’s new together. Antique Farmhouse is your go-to for furniture, accessories, artwork, and more to help your spaces feel like home. Contact us today to get started on your old and new kitchen.