10 Stylish Coastal Kitchen Decor Ideas to Try Today

10 Stylish Coastal Kitchen Decor Ideas to Try Today

Few interior design concepts are as peaceful and calming as the coastal look. Inspired by the beach, coastal decor often incorporates creamy whites, breezy blues and sea glass greens. Coastal decor is ideal for anyone who craves a serene environment.

Coastal decor can be as maximalist or minimalist as you desire. Whether you live by the sea or a thousand miles from the coast, adding a little coastal flair is an easy way to breathe tranquility into your space. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so let's dive into some coastal kitchen decor ideas that will inspire you to rethink the way you do decor.

1. Fresh Paint

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the look of your kitchen. Coastal design typically uses a muted color palette with strategic pops of color, such as soft gray, greige, bluish gray, pale blue, seafoam green and turquoise. You can start small by painting an accent wall, or you can go big by painting the entire kitchen and cabinets in accented colors. The sky's the limit when choosing a color combination that calms and inspires you.

2. Coastal-Colored Rugs

Adding a beachy rug or two to your kitchen can add texture and dimension to the space. Consider adding a coastal-hued accent rug if the room lacks color. If your kitchen is already very colorful, you might opt for a neutral seagrass area rug or runner. Don't be afraid to mix colorful and natural rugs to create balance.

3. Bright and Airy Window Treatments

Coastal decor is light, bright and airy. Keep this in mind when selecting blinds and curtains for your coastal kitchen. Adding simple sheer curtains to your kitchen windows will allow ample soft, filtered light to fill the room.

4. Rattan and Driftwood Elements

If you're looking for coastal decorating ideas for kitchens, look no further than rattan and driftwood. These wooden pieces add a beautiful natural element that elevates any coastal design. Rattan counter stools, storage canisters, serving trays and baskets allow you to incorporate a subtle layer of warmth into an otherwise cool color scheme, while driftwood pieces build on the cool tones.

5. Seashells and Sea Glass

No coastal kitchen is complete without beachcombing elements, such as seashells and sea glass. Try filling a decorative bowl with shells and sea glass to create a beautiful statement piece, or let ceramic seashells speak for themselves as a countertop centerpiece.

6. Statement Pendant Lighting

Dining rooms and kitchen islands demand show-stopping lighting. Statement lighting, such as a coastal drum shade pendant or rattan dome pendant, adds a natural element that can enhance your kitchen's coastal vibe.

7. A Beachy Dining Set

As the largest piece of furniture in your kitchen, your dining table makes a big statement when guests enter. Consider updating it as you brainstorm other coastal kitchen decor ideas. You can top off your coastal kitchen design by pairing a beachy bistro table or a large dining table with whitewashed rattan chairs.

8. Themed Tableware

A few thoughtful touches of themed tableware are all it takes to invite your brunch or dinner guests into your calming coastal world. You can accomplish this with functional elements, such as woven seagrass placemats and drinking glasses or a pine and rattan pedestal riser for displaying treats.

9. Cookware and Utensil Accents

Colorful cookware and utensils can take your coastal kitchen decor to the next level. Consider displaying beach-toned or natural wood cooking utensils in a simple textured crock. An eye-catching mango wood cutting board can also add to the seaside cottage feel of your kitchen.

10. Coastal Wall Art

A couple of strategically placed pieces of coastal wall art can go a long way to accentuate your kitchen design. Aim for artwork that calms or brings joy, such as classic framed coastal wall art or some eclectic and functional mermaid art.

Bring Your Coastal Kitchen Decor Ideas to Life

Let your imagination run free as you explore these coastal kitchen decor ideas. With the right materials and inspiration from Antique Farmhouse, you can turn your kitchen into a delightful space that is dripping in seaside style. Shop our thoughtfully curated collection of coastal decor today!