What You Should Know About Modern Farmhouse Style

What You Should Know About Modern Farmhouse Style

When you shop by department at your favorite home goods store, are you drawn to the same rustic, soft, or vintage looks? If you peruse websites looking for new décor, do the same neutral textures, industrial aspects, and wooden touches stand out to you? If so, you may be falling in love with modern farmhouse style. This interior design trend has gained traction over the past decade, and it shows no signs of slowing down. What is modern farmhouse style, and how can you master it in your own home? These tips can show you how to transform your home into a modern farmhouse.

Modern + Farmhouse = Style

Modern minimalism, with its crisp lines and uncluttered simplicity, can look sleek and sophisticated. It may also feel cold and sterile to some people. On the other hand, farmhouse style is full of warmth and comfort, but it can also come across as congested and kitschy.


Modern farmhouse style takes the best elements of each design to create an elegant and inviting new approach. It features a blend of rustic elements such as industrial metal and reclaimed wood with a neutral palette and curated accents that add a personal touch without going over the top. In short, modern farmhouse style is all about living comfortably by creating spaces that make you want to sit and stay awhile.

Modern Farmhouse Essentials

This design trend does have key features that capture that welcoming vibe. Incorporate some of them in your own home to spruce things up. With modern farmhouses, less is more, so find what works for your taste and budget.

Color Palette

Start with soft neutral tones to set the mood. Warm creams, whites, tans, and grays work well together without being too perfectly matched. If you like, you can even bring in muted shades of blush, green, or blue or a hint of color that feels more calming than distracting. Darker colors, such as black, navy, or emerald green, also work well in small doses to add elegance and create an eye-catching contrast.

Natural Elements

If a farmhouse defines living in the country, it makes sense that modern farmhouse style employs natural elements to connect to the environment. Fresh flowers or green plants provide a pop of color and that living link to nature. Rustic wood elements, from wide-planked hardwood floors to exposed beams, also bring the outside in.  And of course, natural lighting is a must, so say goodbye to fussy curtains and valances in favor of clean shades that let in lots of sunshine.

Old and New

Blend new furniture with vintage pieces to soften a room. An antique iron bed, heirloom bookcase, or other fixture can add a touch of old-fashioned charm without dominating your space. Pair them or other antiques that speak to you with more contemporary pieces, such as glass end tables and an unstructured or overstuffed sofa. Use vintage elements sparingly to make them stand out; too much, and your home may look like a rummage sale.

Layers and Textures

Another aspect of modern farmhouse style that is easy to do is using various textures that you layer together. Fabrics, including wool, linen, and cotton, work well with more industrial features, such as metal furniture or light fixtures. By blending these elements, your space becomes multidimensional. Don’t forget snuggly items like chunky knit throws or woven pillows to add cozy touches to bedrooms or living rooms. Textures can also work as wall coverings or woodworking features.

Practical Pieces

Modern style is adamantly anti-clutter, and it achieves it by innovative storage and functional furniture. Look for etageres to display items or baskets to hide toys or bills. Cedar chests combine a timeless rustic feel with practical storage for your seasonal decorating touches. Anything you can use in a multipurpose way means less stuff sitting around and taking up space. No doubt, when you have places to stash your belongings, the result should be mess-free, relaxing rooms.

Shopping for Modern Farmhouse Style

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