Title: What is French Country Style?

Title: What is French Country Style?


Often when we think of French décor, the Palace of Versailles is the first thing that comes to mind with its over-the-top embellishments, ornate furniture, and dripping opulence. In contrast, French Country style is the refined elegance of the Provencal homes in the countryside. This design approach aims to achieve an “imperfectly perfect” aesthetic that exudes a soft, feminine, welcoming, and lived-in feel.


Although French Country style honors the idyllic pastoral lifestyle, this design approach elevates your home to a more sophisticated level if carried out properly throughout each room. At Antique Farmhouse, our mission is to extend our love for this refined style to you. Simply shop by department to find everything you need to achieve the relaxed countryside feel. To execute this elegant farmhouse style in your home, here are a few guidelines to follow.

Be Playful in Design

With French Country style, you can take certain liberties to achieve a rustic elegant look. Do not be afraid to use distressed wooden chairs with plush seat cushions. Throw in antique knick-knacks throughout the room to bring in eye-catching visuals that wake up your inner child. Use blown glass lighting fixtures to spruce up a room. Remember that opulence is not the goal.

Choose Warmth and Curves

Sleek silhouettes are a common theme in modern design. In contrast, furniture with curved edges and softer fabrics celebrate the French Country theme. Using a round table with delicately carved legs instead of a traditional rectangle table is a great way to create a more inviting environment in your dining room. Cool colors, such as robin egg blue, are often utilized within this elegant farmhouse construct; however, a warm color palette should be the major player. Cool or dark colors can be used as accents to bring both contrast and depth to each of your rooms. 

Be Over-The-Top With Nature

Maximize your use of natural materials and elements throughout every room. Nature certainly is not polished or planned and you can echo this wild trait by utilizing mismatched wooden furniture pieces, worn-looking rugs, and unvarnished antique metal decorations. Botanical-themed fabrics and wallpapers are also beautiful ways to incorporate the natural Provencal look.

Bring on The Patterns

Although patterns may seem like an over-embellishment, splashing them tastefully throughout each room adds color and character. Patterns and motifs that are often seen in French Country style include:


  • Gingham
  • Checkered
  • Toile
  • Stripes
  • Lavender
  • Roosters
  • Sunflowers
  • Olives


These playful designs are often seen on linen tablecloths, cotton curtains, and framed artwork. Balance your use of patterns with a warm neutral color palette to maintain elegance throughout your home. 

Accessorize to Blend Rustic and Modern Elements

You can still incorporate traditional ornate French décor by opting for more subdued versions of opulent decorations. Instead of a crystal vase, use a ceramic pitcher to display flowers in your foyer. Instead of a grand chandelier to light up your dining room, use a mini chandelier with weathered metal. If you do not want to fully dive into French country styling in your home, accessorizing with rustic elements is still a great way to bring in a bit of farmhouse charm without overwhelming you. 

Bring the Flowers Inside and Bring the French Country Outside

Adding fresh flowers to brighten up each room is a quintessential element of Provencal styling. Use woven baskets to artfully display a beautiful array of herbs and flowers in your kitchen. You can easily extend refined farmhouse charm to your outdoor space with white ceramic stools or galvanized metal planters. Set up a simple wooden table adorned with candles set in antique lanterns and create the perfect alfresco dining area. Your guests will feel like they are in the French countryside. 

Choose Quality Craftsmanship

At Antique Farmhouse, we have curated a wide variety of French country pieces to outfit your entire household. Our dedicated designers have searched the globe to create a selection of high-quality pieces that exude idyllic countryside beauty. We aim to streamline the entire design process for you. Shop by department, room, or style to easily find the pieces that work for your home. If you need any help with your French Country vision, reach out today. We would love to hear from you.