How to Incorporate Spherical Chandelier Ideas into Any Room in Your Home

Metal Sphere Chandelier | Antique Farmhouse

The lighting styles that you choose can have quite an impact on your home’s overall atmosphere. Chandeliers are always a lovely choice, but with the number of options available, it can be difficult to choose a fixture which perfectly suits your home’s style. The right chandelier will flatter your home’s existing decor while giving each room a look of its own. You also need to find a fixture which is well-made, will last you for years, and is simple enough not to become outdated as your preferences change. Unlike wall hangings or tabletop decor, light fixtures require a bit more effort to change; therefore, you should take your time in making your choice. The good news is that with the wide variety of lighting options available, you are sure to find a chandelier which will look great and will provide your home with soft, beautiful light.

When it comes to choosing a chandelier for your home, a sphere chandelier is the perfect choice. This chandelier is crafted from six metal rings surrounding a base which holds six lights. The combination of the soft lights and the metal spherical rings creates a lovely shadow effect around the room. This light fixture is sure to create a beautiful effect which will warmly welcome your friends and guests, and can be placed in any of the following rooms in your home.

Dining Room

Of all of the rooms in your home, the dining room is the one which is most popular for the spherical chandelier lighting choice. This makes sense, given the purposes of this room; the dining room is where we welcome guests for dinner parties or sit down with our spouse to talk about our day. It is where we do homework with our children and open our Christmas cards. The lighting in your dining room needs to be bright but not overpowering, and the fixture itself should catch the eye but not overpower the space. This chandelier is the perfect choice for any dining room, and is sure to make a lovely addition to one of the most family-centered rooms in your home.


Your foyer is the welcoming point for the rest of your home. The lighting in your foyer is very important, especially as you enter your home at night. For many, the light in the foyer is the first that they see upon entering the home, and this lovely chandelier is a perfect choice for combining beauty with functionality.


If your home had a heart, it would be in the kitchen. The kitchen is where you prepare meals for your family and teach your children to cook. It is the room for holiday cookies and Thanksgiving turkeys. The importance of quality, attractive lighting in your kitchen cannot be overstated. This sphere chandelier provides the perfect balance of light and shadow to give you a beautiful overall effect that will make your kitchen more welcoming than ever.

Choosing decor for your home should be an enjoyable process. When choosing a light fixture, it is helpful to keep your home’s overall style in mind. A spherical chandelier is an understated yet attractive fixture which will give any room in your home an immediate style upgrade. As you shop for home decor, consider choosing a spherical chandelier for your living room, foyer, kitchen, or any room in your home where you need to add both light and beauty.