How To Master Industrial Chic Design

How To Master Industrial Chic Design

Industrial chic design is a stylish amalgam of sophistication and bare-bones practicality. It may seem on the surface to lack warmth or coziness, but when you look closer, you can see how this interior design trend makes use of some of the same elements as these other styles. What it does bring to any room is a bit more edginess, taking its cue from urban spaces but softening the look enough to keep it comfortable. Not sure where to begin with transforming your home with industrial chic design. These tips can get you started.

The Origins of Industrial Chic

Where did this urban design influence come from? The theory stems from repurposing industrial spaces such as old factories or warehouses into residential living. If you remember the open spaces of lofts that featured exposed brick walls, ductwork, beams, and other remnants of a structure’s former purpose, you can see where these elements began. Rather than hiding the mechanical fixtures, designers embraced them, and from there, industrial chic style was born.

Making Industrial Chic Work for Your Home

Even if you don’t live in a converted industrial building, you can still add touches of industrial chic to your home. The key is to decide what you like and not to go overboard. Your goal should be refinement, function, and livability, not over-the-top theming. Consider these elements when updating your style:

Raw Materials

Industrial chic relies on fixtures that are already in place or can be salvaged and incorporated into your rooms. For example, brick walls or reclaimed wooden floors give any space a vintage feel. Polished concrete floors or countertops also complement this style. These materials are easy to maintain and durable, so they work well for entertaining or daily wear and tear.

Open Floor Plan

Rarely do you see a compartmentalized warehouse or factory space. The same is true for industrial chic design; large open spaces mean your room can serve several functions. Open spaces also allow for more interaction and connection, whether for small get-togethers or larger gatherings.

Neutral Colors

A muted color palette is another key element of industrial design. Shades such as white, black, and gray make up most of the palette, with natural wood finishes or metallic hues filling in the gaps. For pops of color, turn to potted plants or floral arrangements to soften your room and add a connection to the outside world.


What is more eco-conscious than a repurposed building or its fixtures? Industrial design is the ultimate recycling style because it reuses practically everything. Vintage hardware, reclaimed wood planks, or other salvaged architectural details round out the style and give a personal touch that is unlike any other home.


Industrial chic is minimal at its heart. Use that simplicity to your advantage by increasing storage and getting rid of clutter. This design style is about clean lines, so limit your knick-knacks and accents to those that truly speak to you or add a touch of personality. Consider furnishings that serve more than one purpose, such as a shelving unit with drawers or an ottoman that doubles as a chest.

Unique Lighting

Lighting is often an overlooked feature. Remember that not all lighting is created equal; you should have ambient lighting to soften a room, task lighting for reading, cooking, or working, and of course, natural light to brighten up the space. Funky metal pendant chandeliers also work well as accent lighting and tie the design together.

Industrial Accents

While too many decorations crowd a space, well-intentioned accents can complete a room. With industrial chic, you can turn to vintage or salvaged items to use as conversation pieces or focal points in a room. Furniture with metal details or simple wooden stools or benches can add another layer of texture to your space. Use small metal sculptures and abstract wall art to complete the design.

Where To Find Your Favorite Accessories

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