Create a Cozy and Colorful Boho Living Room Vibe

Building the character you want your home to have takes deliberate thought and planning. Even a boho living room, which seems carefree and natural, starts with a clear vision of what you want the space to be. Achieving this means combining the right elements and balancing fun and comfort to create a room you'll love and enjoy for years to come.

Elements of a Boho Living Room

The boho style is perfect for anyone who loves to be expressive and stylish while still being comfortable. It allows you to mix textures and colors for spaces that are original and show your personality. To make a room boho, you need the right furniture, decor, lighting and colors.


A living room with a boho style should feel eclectic and lived in, so the furniture needs to give the same vibe. Someone who has years to put together a room may collect furniture from different sources over time, building the vintage mood that boho creates. If you're trying to design a room a bit faster, you should look for vintage inspired items with lots of character.

Wood and other natural materials are good options for your furniture. Not only do they add personality, they age well and look better over time. They are also durable so you can pass the items on to the next boho-loving generation.

You can also mix styles of furniture. A pair of island-themed chairs can work in the same space as a 50s-inspired couch. The contrast is part of the fun of the style, so don't limit yourself when thinking of boho living room ideas.


Decor in a boho design is an area where you can have a lot of fun. There's no sense of minimalism here. You can get all kinds of accessories from different styles and time periods and mix them together in one room for a look that is uniquely yours.

Much like the furniture, boho decor should feel like it has a story. You don't want items that look brand new and are sleek or modern. Instead, find items that have a patina or added texture. Repurposed items will fit into the theme well, as will vintage inspired pieces.

When it comes to material choices, there are no limits. Metal wall decor can be in the same space as wooden accents and they will all work together. You can also keep adding to your boho living room over the years to enhance the feeling of a space that evolved naturally and has its own personality.


Any room in any style needs the right lighting. In a boho space, it's a good idea to embrace natural light as much as you can. Make windows a focal point of the layout if you have the option to do so. Sunlight streaming into the room brings an airy feel to the space that is perfect for the carefree mood of a boho design.

For your added lights, look for fixtures that feature natural elements that were present with the furniture and have an aged look and style. A wall sconce with a soft rattan shade has great softness and texture for a boho living room. It also diffuses light softly, giving the room a glow. You should look for this in all of your boho elements.


Since so many parts of your boho living space will feature natural wood tones, it's important to add a variety of colors. Variety is the keyword here since you want to add a lot of different elements to the room to make it look lived in. When you look for colorful accessories, try to find ones that are made with natural materials and then dyed or glazed, like these terracotta wall planters.

Build Your Boho Living Room

Giving your living room a boho makeover is exciting and easy when you have a few simple guidelines. Start by embracing natural materials, then look for pieces that feel like they have some history. Create soft lighting throughout the room and add as much color as you want for an eclectic look. Most importantly, have fun with your new boho living room! To find more great items to decorate your boho space, check out what we have at Antique Farmhouse.