5 Farmhouse Chandelier Accessories To Brighten Up Any Room

Do you want to brighten your home? If you own a chandelier or want to find chandelier accessories to make your home appear more welcoming, regardless of the time of day, then you should stray away from dark colors or heavy materials when choosing your lighting fixtures. Instead, look for accessories that do not stifle the glow of the lighting and help enhance the overall style of your home.

Choosing Your Chandelier Accessories

When choosing the style of your lighting fixtures, try to remain in line with your taste and the overall appearance of your home. Different accessories and styles of chandeliers can complement or change the look of your room. We have five tips to make your home appear brighter and more welcoming to your family and guests.

1. Crystal Drops

One way to brighten a room is through light colors and reflective materials. If you love luxury, crystal drop chandeliers may be the ideal choice for your space. Crystal accessories are alluring and add highlights to any room. If you want your home to appear brighter to your guests, you need various accessories that can help the light reflect and bounce off your decor items, including the chandelier.

2. Birdcage Style

Allow your lighting fixture to be the room's focal point with the right chandelier accessories. When your lighting draws attention to itself, it naturally makes the room appear brighter, even after the sun goes down. Birdcages are already associated with warm, sunny spring and summer days and unique birdcage decor can offer brightness and a unique, charming appeal to any home.

3. Wooden Beads

When choosing a style, seek light colors. For instance, white wooden beads draped over your chandelier will still allow the glow to brighten the room but add a touch of brightness wherever you hang it. In addition to the white beads, choose a frame for your chandelier that is light in color and that complements the rest of your decor. Brushed metal frames and other farmhouse aesthetics often keep the room from appearing too heavy or tacky.

4. French Farmhouse

Imagine yourself in a French-style farmhouse, the light cascading in through the window, a delicately framed chandelier with a center open frame in your foyer, kitchen or living room. Having a chandelier frame with various light fixtures adds to any room's overall warm, bright glow. In addition, the structure itself can complement the farmhouse aesthetic, reminding you and your guests of a warm spring day.

5. Open-Candle Style

If you want the light to be the prominent feature of your chandelier, then try a more open-candle design. Open candle designs are reminiscent of old-world homes that were brightened by the beautiful glow of candlelight. Removing heavy accessories that drag the room down is one way to keep your home bright. For example, chandeliers with black frames or accessories that minimize the light coming from the chandelier. With an open-candle design, the lights are the fixture's most prominent aspect.

Creating a Comfortable Home With Chandelier Accessories

At Antique Farmhouse, we provide a variety of creative, unique styles of chandelier accessories and other pieces of home decor to liven up your home. When you create your dream style, you are more likely to love the home you're in and feel more comfortable within its walls. For more ideas, check out our wide selection of home decor items to brighten any room. At Antique Farmhouse, we can help you find the style you're looking for.


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