Textiles cover a specific niche in the design world. While wood and iron are standard fare for any antique-loving homeowner, textiles offer a warmer, more comfortable type of decor. Textiles provide the opportunity to add color to your space and to breathe life into your design scheme. Whether you prefer the soft white of farm decor or the vintage look of antique furniture, the right textiles can tie your room together. Even shabby chic styles can follow themes, and textile products can help you easily create these themed spaces within your home.

For example, let’s say that you want the “idea” of a floral theme in your dining room, but you do not want it to be over the top or too “matchy.” You start with a simple vase for fresh flowers in the center of your table. You add in a few framed pressed flowers as wall art. By adding in some textile pieces with green and other natural-color themes, you can keep your guests’ attention on the flowers in your space without having to choose specifically floral pieces.

Antique Farmhouse carries a number of textile products which can be used to enhance your living space. Our designers create collections including similarly themed items, making choosing various items for your space easy and fun. With Antique Farmhouse, you can find lighting, art, furniture, and even garden pieces to help you upgrade your home with ease. Take a look at the beautiful textile items offered at Antique Farmhouse today!