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  • How to Give Your Home a French Country Look

    How to Give Your Home a French Country Look | Antique Farmhouse

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  • Tractor Seat Stools Add Country Charm to Any Home

    Tractor Seat Stool | Antique Farmhouse

    After the hustle and bustle of a long day, it’s nice to come home to a space that provides you with comfort and relaxation. One of the simplest ways that you can achieve a comfortable atmosphere in your home is by incorporating design elements which demonstrate and flatter your personal style. Country chic decor is all the rage right now, and tractor seat stools are an incredible furniture piece which add a touch of farmhouse style to any living space.

    The best furniture pieces are those which are unique but which do not overpower your existing style. These tractor seat stools are the perfect example of furniture which is understated but also one of a kind. This stool is sturdily crafted from solid metal and is sure to stand up to years of use. Use them in your kitchen to capture the eyes and hearts of your family and guests. Tractor seat stools are a great idea for smaller spaces and even temporary seating, as their adjustable height and trim profile make it easy to place them under tables and into corner spaces.

    Using farmhouse decor is a perfect way to shop outside the big box stores and to give your home its own unique style. Farmhouse decor is defined by simple, uncluttered furniture and simple designs which give your home that lived-in look. Incorporating pieces such as these tractor seat stools is a great way to get the most for your decorating buck, as they are both aesthetically pleasing and serve a useful purpose in any room. They look incredible whether used to accompany a butcher block table in your kitchen or dining room, or as standalone seating to accommodate guests.

    Farmhouse style is an American-born design originally built out of necessity. The term describes a home design layout which suited the way of life of the American farmer and his family. It incorporated materials which were readily available in order to facilitate the busy lives of those who found their livelihoods on the great plains. Farmhouse style is unpretentious, and values recycling everyday materials into new items as a way of respecting the simple values of early American life.

    Tractor seat stools are but one example of farmhouse decor which will complement any living space. Smaller items such as housewares and wall decor add to the style, and are great pieces to add anywhere in your home. These pieces mesh well with a number of other design styles, including traditional, Southern, modern, and even industrial. Best of all, due to its minimalism, you only need a few well-placed farmhouse items to make a big difference in your living space. Tractor seat stools are a great way to accomplish just that.

    If you are looking to restyle your home, whether in a single room or in multiple spaces, consider adding some farmhouse decor pieces such as these tractor seat stools. They are a wonderful investment which will serve your family for years to come. These tractor seat stools are solidly crafted furniture pieces which are sure to become one of your home’s favorite decor items.

  • Twenty Unique Shabby Chic Home Decor Ideas

    Shabby chic decor is a deservedly popular decorative style, with elements of Southern flair and vintage styling that tie your home together. From distressed furniture to refurbished mirrors, shabby chic pieces look great in any room. Shabby chic decor items are great both on their own or paired with other design styles. The following twenty items are a sample of some of the most stunning shabby chic pieces available, each perfectly designed to complement any living space and design style.

    1. Vintage Brown Chest of Drawers

    Vintage Brown Chest of Drawers | Antique FarmhouseThis vintage brown chest of drawers can be placed anywhere in your home. You can use it for additional storage in your den or office, as a jewelry holder in your bedroom, or even in the kitchen. Its lovely brown color, coupled with its distressed style, make it the perfect addition to any place that needs a touch of shabby chic.

    1. Decorative Wooden Oval Mirror

    Decorative Wooden Oval Mirror | Antique Farmhouse

    Mirrors are a wonderful piece of decor that add space and visual depth to any living space. This decorative oval mirror is perfectly designed to bring warmth and comfort to any room. The soft distressed frame makes this piece unique, and at 24” high by 12.5” wide, it is perfectly sized to fit into any space.

    1. Distressed Nesting Metal Tray, Set of 2

    Distressed Nesting Metal Tray | Antique Farmhouse

    These nesting metal trays are suitable for serving drinks or for simply decorating a table. They are a brilliant combination of form and function, and they nest together for simple storage or display. Use them to add some flair to your next dinner party, or place them on a coffee table as lovely centerpieces.

    1. Metal Blessed Sign with Bracket

    Metal Blessed Sign with Bracket | Antique Farmhouse

    This metal “Blessed” sign is a true conversation starter. Use it on a front porch or outside of a room to show your friends and guests your true feelings. This simple sign catches both the eye and the heart, and will make all who step into your home feel welcome.

    1. Large Green Wall Clock

    Large Green Wall Clock | Antique Farmhouse

    This large green wall clock is a spot-on example of true shabby chic decor. Its rustic frame and bright color are a great choice for catching the eye without overpowering a space. Clocks are a wonderful–and functional–addition to any room, and this green beauty is sure to become one of your favorites.

    1. Rustic Chicken Feeder Pendant Light

    Rustic Chicken Feeder Pendant Light | Antique Farmhouse

    As you search for shabby chic decor, don’t forget about the lighting. This rustic chicken feeder pendant light will brighten your room, both literally and figuratively. It is a perfect choice for a shabby chic and/or farmhouse-styled home, giving you an unpretentious atmosphere of casual living.

    1. Huge Metal Compass Rose Wall Plaque

    Huge Metal Compass Rose Wall Plaque | Antique Farmhouse

    Sometimes shabby chic decor selections create true signature looks, and this is one of those pieces. This stunning wall plaque makes an incredible focal point, whether above a fireplace or on a bedroom wall. If you truly want a piece of decor that will make your guests stop and take notice, this compass wall plaque is the perfect choice.

    1. Rooster Rise-N-Shine Retro Tin Sign

    Rooster Rise-N-Shine Retro Tin Sign | Antique Farmhouse

    The whimsical nature of shabby chic decor is one of its best attributes. This rooster rise-n-shine tin is sure to bring a smile to your face and a great start to any day. This sign looks perfect in the kitchen, or even on an outdoor wall overlooking a porch or garden. It is kitchen kitsch at its best.

    1. Vintage Coca-Cola Crate

    Vintage Coca-Cola Crate | Antique Farmhouse

    This vintage Coca-Cola crate is an incredible find. It is perfect for storing practically anything, and is sure to become one of your favorite pieces of decor. Whether you are a collector of Coca-Cola merchandise or simply like the looks of this one piece, this crate will look wonderful in your shabby chic home.

    1. Cotton Canvas Pillow with Blue Stripes

    Cotton Canvas Pillow with Blue Stripes | Antique Farmhouse

    Shabby chic decor should always bring you comfort, and this striped pillow is no exception. It would look perfect as part of a set, or on its own as the centerpiece for a bench or chair. Its simple white background and soft blue stripe complements any decor, and this lovely pillow is sure to bring you comfort for years to come.

    1. Oval Mirror with Tin Roof Frame

    Oval Mirror with Tin Roof Frame | Antique Farmhouse

    This oval mirror with a tin roof is a truly unique piece, giving you a beautiful mirror surrounded by tin and a wooden frame. It would look lovely above a fireplace or on a foyer wall. Like all mirrors, it both serves a useful purpose and adds to your home’s overall atmosphere.

    1. Rustic Hanging Metal Cage Light

    Rustic Hanging Metal Cage Light | Antique Farmhouse

    Don’t be afraid to take your decor up another notch! Take your styling to the next level with this rustic hanging metal cage light. Its simple style makes for a gorgeous, yet understated, lighting option.

    1. Huge Manor Birdcage

    Huge Manor Birdcage | Antique Farmhouse

    This huge metal birdcage is nothing short of gorgeous. It makes a lovely decorative item, and even has a working door and slide-out bottom for cleaning. Use it to brighten any living space.

    1. Metal Nest with Wall Hook, Set of 2

    Metal Nest with Wall Hook | Antique Farmhouse

    Find your keys, phone, or any other small item quickly by storing them in this metal nest! The nest comes with a convenient wall hook for hanging your coat, making it a perfect combination of form and function.

    1. Wood Pillar Candleholders, Set of 2

    Wood Pillar Candleholders | Antique Farmhouse

    No house is complete without candleholders, and when it comes to shabby chic decor, these beauties fit the bill perfectly. Use them on their own or as part of an overall centerpiece to add warmth to any space.

    1. Table Wreath Hanger

    Table Wreath Hanger | Antique Farmhouse

    You will be surprised just how much use you will get out of this table wreath hanger. You can use it to feature your holiday decor, or use it year-round with cotton or boxwood wreaths for a stunning display in any season.

    1. Glass Door Rustic White Wood Cabinet

    Glass Door Rustic White Wood Cabinet | Antique Farmhouse

    Nothing says shabby chic decor better than this glass door rustic white wood cabinet. It features incredible styling and a botanical background, sure to add beauty to your home. Use it to store spices in the kitchen, or for toiletries or perfumes in the bedroom or bathroom.

    1. Wall Mounted Metal Clothes Hanger, Set of 2

    Wall Mounted Metal Clothes Hanger | Antique Farmhouse

    This wall-mounted metal clothes hanger is a wonderful way to store and display your most precious clothing items, but also looks great on its own. The distressed white paint on slim metal framing will be perfectly suited in any room in your home.

    1. Rolling Pin Hanging Pot Rack

    Rolling Pin Hanging Pot Rack | Antique Farmhouse

    This ingenious rolling pin hanging pot rack is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you use it. The combination of the wood rolling pin with the distressed metal rack makes for a lovely look which will flatter any kitchen.

    1. Enameled Bird Photo Frames, Set of 2

    Enameled Bird Photo Frames | Antique Farmhouse

    And finally, what home would be complete without picture frames? These delicate enameled bird photo frames are perfectly feminine and will add a touch of flair to any photograph or artwork. Use them as wall hangings or on a shelf to spruce up your space.

  • 3 Vintage Style Chandelier Lighting Ideas

    When it comes to your home’s decor, replacing a light fixture is a simple change which can have a big impact. And that impact is made even more noticeable when you choose a vintage lighting piece. A vintage chandelier can tie your home’s decor together, and it makes a wonderful conversation starter. Whether hung in a living room or over a dining room table, these fixtures make beautiful additions to any home.

    Chandeliers offer the perfect combination of style and function, bringing light to your home and beauty to your living space. The right chandelier will last you years, and will create a central part of your home’s signature style. Choosing the right chandelier for your space can sometimes be a bit of a challenge given the vast number of light fixtures available on the market today. But a vintage chandelier is a wonderful choice, and one which will complement a number of design styles, helping you to avoid buyer’s remorse as your design preferences change over time. Making an investment in a vintage chandelier is a sound choice, and one which will be sure to bring you years of reliable beauty.

    Here are 3 incredible vintage style chandelier lighting ideas:

    1. Sphere Chandelier

    Sphere Chandelier

    This lovely sphere chandelier features crisscrossing metal rings surrounding six individual bulbs, all suspended from a rugged chain. The resulting lighting effect is beautiful, with the rings creating soft shadows throughout the room. It comes with a plug or can be professionally hard-wired, making it suitable for hanging anywhere in your home. Best of all, its simple design makes it compatible with any number of home decor items, meaning that you can add this piece to any space without worrying about contrasting styles. If you’re looking for a simple yet unique chandelier which will flatter any home’s decor, this sphere chandelier is the perfect choice.

    2. Wine Barrel Chandelier

    Wine Barrel Chandelier

    If you are a fan of wine, then this wine barrel chandelier would be perfect for your home. Crafted from six wooden wine barrel slats connected with a spherical wooden ringed base, it features six bulbs to bring the perfect amount of light to any room. This chandelier has a gorgeous aesthetic, with understated earth tones and deep textures. It is perfect for any living or dining room, or even in an entryway. Adding this chandelier to any living space is sure to result in admiring compliments and conversations from those curious about its origins. Just like wine itself, this chandelier is sure to loosen tongues and add mirth to any gathering.

    3. Metal Birdcage Chandelier With Crystals

    Metal Birdcage Chandelier With Crystals

    If you are looking for a truly glamourous piece, this metal birdcage chandelier with crystals fits the bill perfectly. It features a beautiful vintage-inspired birdcage surrounding a chandelier crafted from metal and dropping crystals. It holds four bulbs, making it a suitable choice for any room in need of soft lighting. This gorgeous chandelier is a perfect addition to any bedroom, or even a well-appointed master bath. While many light fixtures quietly rest in the background, this chandelier is a true eye-catcher, and will become the focal point of any space.

    When it comes to decorating your home, the right light fixtures can make all the difference. A vintage chandelier is a great choice to give your home an instant style upgrade. Any of these three vintage inspired chandeliers would make a great addition to your living space, bringing you both light and glamour in one simple, gorgeous fixture.

  • 5 Wreath Decor Ideas That Will Impress Your Family and Friends

    Your home is where you gather with friends and family to celebrate life. From births to marriages to simple dinner parties, the home has long served as the heart of American families. As the gateway to your home, your entryway is often a visitor’s first glimpse of your living space–why not use it as an opportunity to welcome all who enter? A wreath is a wonderful choice for door and home decor, both during the holidays and throughout the year. If you are searching for the perfect wreath, take a look at these 5 wreath decor ideas that will impress both family and friends alike:

    1. Large Burlap Hydrangea Wreath

    Large Burlap Hydrangea Wreath

    If you’re looking for a wreath which is truly welcoming, this large burlap hydrangea wreath fits the bill perfectly. It features a base of burlap fabric adorned with silk-screened fabric foliage and flowers, all in neutral earth-toned colors. And at 24 inches in diameter, it is the perfect size for any door or wall space.

    2. Extra Large Cotton Wreath

    cotton wreath

    This extra large cotton wreath is the perfect choice for year-round display. Its simple style and unencumbered design make for a beautiful aesthetic. The contrast between the white flowers and the dark leaves make for a gorgeous color combination that flatters any home’s color palette. This extra large cotton wreath is a perfect choice for any home decor style.

    3. Large Natural Cotton Wreath

    large Natural Cotton Wreath

    This large natural cotton wreath is a smaller, simpler version of our extra large wreath, and at 22 inches in diameter it is perfectly sized to adorn either outside or inside doors. It can also be used as a tabletop decoration, either around a candle or as a simple centerpiece. It is loosely woven so as to not overpower surrounding decor, and makes a lovely, understated addition anywhere in your home.

    4. Metal Leaf Wreath

    Metal Leaf Wreath

    For a more eye-catching wreath option, try this metal leaf wreath. Crafted from golden-flaked metal, its minimalist design makes it a perfect choice to display anywhere in your home. Place it on any exterior or interior door to add a touch of class to any space. Plus, the golden hue is wonderful for reflecting the sun’s rays when displayed on an outdoor surface. This metal leaf wreath’s unique design will complement any design style, and is sure to be enjoyed by both your guests and family.

    5. Extra Large Preserved Boxwood Wreath

    Extra Large Preserved Boxwood Wreath

    Boxwood wreaths are among the most popular wreaths available due to their bright color and simple design. This extra-large preserved boxwood wreath looks great year-round, and can be hung nearly anywhere in your home. It is a great way to incorporate your love of nature into your home’s decor, and it will serve as a warm welcome to all who enter. Choose a boxwood wreath for simple beauty that you will enjoy for years to come.

    When it comes to home decor, a wreath is a simple choice. It is a small addition which can result in a big change to your home’s atmosphere. Traditionally used during the holidays, wreaths have been an American staple for generations. A simple wreath, however, can be used as a decorative item in any season. If you are looking to welcome your guests while putting a smile on your face, any one of these wreaths would be a wonderful choice.

  • Three Unique Metal Outdoor Fountains Ideas for Your Garden

    With a little cooperation from Mother Nature, nothing beats an afternoon spent in the garden. When you add temperate weather to the sights and sounds of nature, the result is a welcoming environment perfect for relaxation and reflection. A water fountain is a small piece of decor that can make a big difference in your garden without requiring a sizeable investment of time or money, making it a great choice for homes of all sizes and styles. Whether you have a large farmhouse or simply want something to spruce up your apartment patio, a garden fountain is a wonderful choice. Make your garden space your own with personalized decor, such as these three unique metal outdoor fountain ideas:


    1. Folk Art Duck Water Fountain

    duck figurine water fountain

    Duck figurines always look great in a garden, and this is especially true for this lovely water fountain. This fountain features two ducks perched on a metal basin, with beaks which open and close as water flows through them. The result is a sweet, durable water fountain which would look perfect on any porch or adorning any garden. This duck water fountain is a wonderful choice for those who enjoy whimsical decor that is not too overbearing and that will not detract from your plants or other garden decor.


    2. Folk Art Crows Water Fountain

    crows water fountain folk art

    If you do not have a particular affinity for ducks, then this folk art crows water fountain may be more your style. Crafted from durable metal materials, this fountain features two perched crows with beaks that open and close with the movement of the water. This fountain is solidly constructed and sure to bring you and your guests years of enjoyment. It comes with a pump and splash screen, and is easy to install for immediate use. This crow water fountain will delight both your eyes and ears with the lovely sounds of flowing water and the beautiful artistic construction of both the crows and the basin itself. A true conversation starter, this fountain would make a wonderful addition to any outdoor space.


    3. Crow Bird Bath Wall Water Fountain

    crow bird bath wall water fountain

    For smaller spaces, or for those looking for a unique presentation style, this crow bird bath wall water fountain is a stellar choice. It is crafted from metal and features two crows whose beaks open and close with the flow of water. Unlike other freestanding water fountains, however, this fountain mounts to a wall, making it perfect for hanging near a window so that you can hear the flowing water and the opening and closing beaks even while indoors. It includes a submersible pump, and at 25 inches high, it is the perfect size to be noticeable but not so large as to take away from your other garden decor.


    Incorporating a fountain into your garden is a simple way to add both beauty and sound to your outdoor space. Your garden is an expression of your time and dedication to nature–why not turn it into an opportunity to delight your guests and express your personal style as well? These whimsical metal fountains are a wonderful way to welcome both guests and family to your home, creating a relaxing environment in your garden or patio.

  • Mother’s Day is coming!

    distressed-grey-tableMother’s Day is coming up and its time to put together your list of coveted items that the husband and kids can get you! I often set aside some extra money for myself to buy me that awesome gift I so deserve for being the house chef, nurse, chauffeur, accountant, maid, referee, cheerleader, tutor and of course wife and mom. While I appreciate the hand made macaroni jewelry and popsicle stick picture frame, I do have my eye on a few items from some of our current collections!

    vintage-mary-angels-wall-decorThis ornate distressed console table is creaming my name, and though on the higher end of price I’m sure my husband will have nothing to say if I throw out there, “It’s been a tough year and I deserve this one.” Not only is the design flawless, but it has this romantic feel that I can not stop examining. It is a classic statement piece that I am certain will never go out of style.

    Yes, this piece!! It will need to go on my new console table right? I am obsessed with vintage wall art and especially vintage religious pieces, sigh… come to mama!

    fabric-dress-formOk so I have also been vying to get my paws on one of these dress forms too, how can my husband say no to this? I only want to put my scarves and jewelry on her, is this too much to ask? Plus it makes me feel like a lady and what mother doesn’t need that extra push to “feel like a lady”.

    Remember to do whatever makes you feel special on Mother’s Day, remember you deserve it! Is there any item in our collections that you are telling the kids about? Let us know!!

  • Spring Into Action

    Its Garden time in my neck of the woods and time to make a splash of color out there! We have so many fun things right now that can be used indoors and out.


    These colorful buckets will really make a fun statement and who can beat the price. Grow some fun herbs in season or a vegetable or two and use the chalkboard to label them.


    Put some colorful plants on this guy and have him liven up any patio. The green with the red will really bring the plants to life and your neighbors will be jealous. Add a few candles on the top tier for some summer ambiance.


    I love putting art outside, and while I know the weather can get to them if you are strategic enough you can surely find a good spot! Not only do these add some color but set up a great theme. Throw some comfy pillows one the ground and have a great Moroccan style background. Add some colorful tea-lights around to really set that mood!

    Whatever your style may be, grab some color right now and remember, have fun!!
    Some more gardens to inspire you:


    Some backyard inspiration:


  • 5 Steps to a Southwest Start

    As I am traveling through New Mexico and Arizona, I am extremely inspired by the Southwest feel. The textures, patterns mixed with a western charm can be so inviting and colorful. The problem I see is that if you are looking to convert a room or even your home to have a Southwest charm, it can be easily overdone! So here are 5 steps to a Southwest start:

    1. Don’t over do it: Do not go out and by an overwhelming amount of patterns. Start with one base tone. Red is fun place to add some color, take this as your base and find a few accent pieces that pull that color, being careful not to attack the color with an abundance of patterns. A Pendleton throw blanket on your couch can really be a statement piece giving you the pattern and color you need, and can easily tie that in with some art. You do not need to buy 100 things, 3 things can really transform a room. Trust me, you’ll be surprised!
    2. western-wall-canvas

    3. Table Pieces Can Transform a Room: I recently saw a simple table setting that was unique yet beautiful. A simple tray with a Southwestern print and a few soft-sided books with one of my favorite artists Georgia O’Keefe, that’s all! It was nothing over the top, but really gave the user an interactive touch, pulled me in to want to read the book and gave the room that Southwestern love. We currently have an amazing piece that you could throw on a coffee table, what would you put in yours?
    4. tin-tray-with-vintage-kilim-pattern

    5. Equal Mix: Ahhh, the battle between country and Native American. Make sure you create an equal balance, or choose to go in one direction or the other altogether. You do not want the room to become a hodgepodge mess, which it can easily go. I am half Cherokee Indian and have a lot of hand me downs, but I had to pull back as to not become looking like a flee market truckstop. I also don’t want my house looking like a saloon and keep the “western” motif down to a minimum as well. Using some solid natural wood pieces and a rough textures, I was able to keep what I have without going over the top.
    6. decorative-natural-wood-tray

    7. Lighting: It is amazing what natural lighting can do for a room. Most adobes and Indian dwellings really focus on minimalistic forms of window coverings using natural and light fabrics that are generally open, letting the natural light do what it does best and highlight the accent pieces you have.
    8. Research: My finalthought is research. You will be amazed what you find out about the great Southwest and all its superstitions and history. For me there are certain colors that I use that ward off evil spirits. I continually use a cactus or succulent by my fireplace as a way to keep them out of that space. Although I was raised with these beliefs, create some of your own that get into your core. Loving something for more that what it looks like, and gives it a purpose, will really help you love your new Southwest feel.
  • Instagram-oholics!!

    As many of you know, we are instagram-oholics over here and cannot get enough of it. Some of you are even kind enough to show us how our items look in use!! What I love about this is we all have ideas about how/what an item can be used for but it’s amazing that so many of you find new and creative uses for them that we never imagined. We thought his week would be fun to share those pictures with you of just how creative and awesome our fans are!!

    Here they go:
    This area by boelizabeth is so warm and inviting, we love the use of a large family photo by the fireplace instead of the obvious above the mantel. The earth tones pair nicely with the shabby chic décor and the use of plants and all natural materials really add to the country feel that this focal point is giving. Such a fantastic and creative use of our “vintage tin windmill” having it caddy corner vs the usual go to of centering a wall piece. Props to the homeowner.


    This area by roomsforrent gives a great spin to the country garden look. The moss they have added gives a great pop of color with that rich green that compliments gorgeously with the white dishes. The use of the antique silver ware and different levels is very appeasing to the eye.  What an innovative approach to a place for napkin holders by using our “soup tureen” kudos for the creativity, we are loving this idea.



    Both of these areas from dearlillie are so cute! The chandelier adds such an elegant touch to this slice of shabby chic heave. I am absolutely loving the repurposed wood table, it gives this space just enough earthiness to ground that amazing chandelier. Using our “galvanized tin” as a focal point center piece was a fantastic idea. The pop of pink in the flowers is just enough and puts me in springy happy mood. Another inspiring use of our “galvanized tin” is shown here with a distressed country chair with a cheerful pop of lavender from the flowers.


    This area from dearlillie has a great fresh clean feel to it! I am loving all the white with the muted blue pillows. The use of pitchers for flower vases adds a fun shabby chic effect.  The accent of our “bird on mirror” ties this room together putting a great everlasting touch to this space.


    This area from unionwillow shows you just how beautiful and versatile distressed stained wood can be! All the different textures and colors are fantastic. This buffet makes a great place to showcase our “vintage drying rack”! It looks so cute! I adore all the baskets and the mirror adds great dimension behind.

    See how much fun you can have with a variety of items? Send us some more of your before and after photos and maybe we will feature you in one our posts!

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