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When it comes to decorating your home, following a theme can help provide a sense of cohesion in your decor. The French country style is a strong choice for any space, creating a relaxed, homey feel. The French country look is exactly what it sounds like: pieces which recreate the ambience of an old French farmhouse. This means quality pieces carefully selected for their beauty and functionality combined in a simple, streamlined look.

French country pieces are traditionally unencumbered by embellishments. They bring peace and balance to your home by maintaining a central theme of quality craftsmanship and understated beauty. Antique furniture and other antique decorations can tie a French country room together flawlessly. One simple way to achieve the French country look is with mismatched wood furniture pieces with varying finishes, along with aged metal choices. This approach results in a more natural look than matching furniture sets. Of course, to achieve a full French country look, you can never forget the flowers. Flowers, whether pressed and matted in a frame, or snipped from your garden and placed in a vase, are the cornerstone of this design style. You can also find decor pieces with flowers built in, such as in a mirror frame or as part of weathered metal decor. At Antique Farmhouse, we carry a wide variety of French country pieces, from furniture to lighting. Our designers scour the globe to find the finest decor selections, then group them into shopper-friendly categories, making finding complementary pieces a breeze.

Whether you are searching for farm decor to add to your garden, or a shabby chic piece for a guest bedroom, we have everything you need to bring your home to life.