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Porch & Parlor

Your porch or parlor is usually the first contact your guests have with your home. You can make them feel welcome with the homey feel of farmhouse décor, the classic style of vintage, or the weathered look of rustic. Antique Farmhouse has something for every style and taste in farmhouse design.

Choose Your Porch & Parlor Decor

Whether you like to stick with one style for your porch and parlor or mix it up a bit, we carry a wide variety of furniture and accessories to fit your taste. Create a look and feel that is distinctly you.

  • Modern farmhouse porch: If you like a contemporary look with a cozy feel, this style may be what you’re looking for. It combines clean lines and metals with natural elements to give you a fresh farmhouse design with a traditional twist.
  • Rustic porch: A rustic design is a great choice for your porch or parlor. It is simple but warm. A focus on textures and earth tones makes this style comfortable and welcoming.
  • Vintage porch: Our vintage parlor and porch accents and furnishings appeal to those who want a traditional farmhouse design. These pieces are classic and timeless.
  • Shabby chic porch: This popular style is perfect for anyone who likes an eclectic look. Its laid-back feel will make you and your guests feel right at home.
  • French country porch: What makes this style distinct are the graceful lines that run through every piece, giving your space a beautiful but relaxed feel.

Find Your Perfect Look 

No matter what your tastes are in farmhouse décor, we carry everything you need to turn your porch or parlor into a welcoming and comfortable place. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or need advice on decorating your home.