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When you are looking to make a decor upgrade that will have a big impact on your home, your best solutions are often below your feet or just above your head. By changing your lighting or flooring styles, you can easily change the feel of your entire environment. Sconce lighting is a beautiful way to add both light and style to your space. They can serve as task lighting – lighting placed exactly where you need it, such as for reading – or as ambient light to provide a gentle illumination in any room. When placed higher on the walls, sconces can drape your space with light, eliminating the need for an overhead fixture. Sconces are also a good choice for accent lights, offsetting darker spaces with dramatic effect. You can also use accent light sconces to draw attention to artwork or any decor that you want to become more of a focal point. Use simpler styles to keep the focus on your walls, or more intricate options to turn the sconces themselves into your newest piece of art. And when it comes to flooring options, you do not have to tear up your hardwood or linoleum to give yourself a new look. Accent rugs and even simple floor mats can add depth to your space without much expense. Plus, rugs can easily be swapped out as the seasons or your style preferences change. Antique Farmhouse carries attractive wall sconces and flooring options to bring out the best in your home. From vintage to shabby chic, we carry a number of decor styles to help you quickly and easily beautify your space. Trust Antique Farmhouse for all of your home decor needs!