Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas for Your Baby’s Room

Any time a family welcomes a new baby, the excitement is palpable. From telling family and friends the good news to choosing a name and picking out adorable baby clothes, there’s no other experience quite like it. And that’s why when it comes to the baby’s room many parents won’t settle for anything less than the best. They want the room to be special and to reflect the overwhelming love and joy they feel for their new little one.

Fortunately, the shabby chic décor trend that’s currently the darling of the interior design world has tons of options for new parents to choose from to give their baby the most gorgeous nursery. This décor style is a blend of a rustic, vintage vibe with just the right amount of modern elegance to bring a room together. Whether you’re in the market for shabby chic furniture, wall decor, or other pieces of accent decor this trend will have all your nursery ideas covered to give you a room you love.

When it comes to designing the nursery, we recommend starting with the basics: choose the colors you want to use, identify the furniture you’ll need, and make a list of any “must have” décor items. Once you have these elements down, the fun can begin—shopping! It will be so much easier to find pieces that match your specific nursery ideas if you have them laid out ahead of time. After all, when you’re awaiting the arrival of a new bundle of joy the last thing you’ll want to do is run back and forth to the store over and over again. Instead, stick to your guidelines and achieve nursery design success!

To help you get started (and give you a little shabby chic inspo!) we’ve gathered up a collection of few of our favorite shabby chic bedroom décor items that are perfect for a nursery.

Nursery Bunny Lamp

Table Lamps

A table lamp like this adorable Bunny Fluffle Lamp is the perfect touch for a nursery. Imagine rocking your sweet baby, reading them stories and cuddling them close in the light’s soft glow. You’ll have many cherished memories with it. The light neutral colors will complement most any room colors and styles. And the whimsical design is the ultimate reflection of childhood innocence. A table lamp is functional and decorative, just right for a nursery.

Sheep book ends for nursery


Perfect for the parents who can’t wait to read to their babies, decorative bookends like this little sheep pair will look great on a nursery’s bookshelves. They bring to mind characters from childhood stories. Plus, the attention to detail—from the wooly coat to the wreath of leaves on one’s head—gives them plenty of country charm. Snatch up this pair or find another that fits the theme of your baby’s room.

Nursey Hamper

Hampers and Storage

I think everyone knows that a new baby brings along an increase in the amount of laundry to be done. Make the chore a little more pleasant with a cute shabby chic hamper like this one. The simple slate color will match just about anything, and its sturdy design and handles make it easy to carry from the nursery to the laundry room. Plus, the saying “The best days end in dirty clothes” will remind you of what truly matters in life.

White Painted Bottom Seagrass Basket With Tassels, Set of 2

Every nursery also needs extra storage for tossing in the odd toy, stuffed animal, and whatever else finds its way to the floor. These Painted Bottom Seagrass Baskets give the space to do just that in a stylish and fun way. Made from palm leaves, these durable baskets are a classy way to keep clutter at bay.

Love you to the moon and back wooden wall art

Wall Décor

Nothing adds a pop of personality to a nursery quite like the perfect piece of wall décor. Look through our selection to find charming pieces like this Love You to the Moon framed wood art. The textured, weathered wood will go perfectly with other pieces of rustic décor and would pop against a colored accent wall. Plus, the sweet saying will remind you of the unbreakable bond you and your baby share.

While this list certainly doesn’t cover all the charming shabby chic baby room décor we have we certainly hope it helped inspire you to start working on your nursery. There are plenty of options to fit anyone’s style and each piece will add a beautiful detail to the room.