Penny Pinching: Embracing Mid-Century Modern Decor On a Budget

Redecorating your living room may seem like a daunting process, especially if you are completely changing your decor style. You may love the look of mid-century modern decor, but you may be concerned with finding pieces that fit into your budget. Because it emphasizes functionality in addition to open spaces and clean lines, there are many ways to create an aesthetic that embraces mid-century modern decor without blowing your budget. Here are four tips that can help you find mid-century modern decor on a budget so you can design the perfect living room for you and your family.

Choose Decor Pieces That Serve Dual Purposes

Above all else, the mid-century modern decor trend prioritizes functionality. You should choose decor pieces that also serve a functional purpose if you want to embrace this trend. Prioritize items made of natural materials to create the indoor-outdoor look that is characteristic of mid-century modern decor.

For example, lamps serve dual purposes of adding light sources to your space while also acting as decor. A mason jar lamp and a classic weathered table lamp both fit the aesthetic for mid-century modern on a budget, but they each have a distinct look that personalizes your decor to fit your unique style.

A tiered rattan tray offers similar benefits. Not only does it give your space a distinct style, but it also functions as storage so you have more room to store your belongings.

Whether you're choosing glass candle holders or rattan baskets, make sure the decor you select is as functional as it is stylish. This tactic ensures that your items fit the mid-century modern decor style.

Understand That Less Is More in the Mid-Century Modern Style

Another major characteristic of the mid-century modern style is minimalism. The design trend emphasizes clean lines and open spaces, so there is no need to fill every bit of your living room with decor. You want the space to look lived-in but not cluttered, so choose simple decor that has a classic and timeless feel.

A round handwoven jute rug is a great option. It offers style but doesn't take up a lot of space, and it leaves you with plenty of room to see your hardwood floors or carpet. It enhances the space rather than dominates it.

If you want to decorate with mid-century modern decor on a budget, prioritize quality over quantity. Filling your space with a few items carefully chosen to reflect your desired aesthetic is more effective than choosing many smaller items that simply fill up the room and make it look cluttered.

Use Items You Already Have

You may already have items in your home that fit into the mid-century modern aesthetic. If you want to repurpose these items instead of buying new ones, you can save a lot of money on decor. Look for items that are made out of natural materials and have a functional purpose. Rattan baskets, glass candleholders and stoneware pots all make excellent decor when you're going for mid-century modern on a budget. If you can decorate with large items you source from other areas of your home, it frees up your budget for smaller items such as a carved wood decorative bowl or a set of marble coasters.

Reupholster Furniture in Neutral Tones

One of the biggest benefits of mid-century modern decor is that you can repurpose nearly any type of furniture to fit the trend. If you already have chairs or a couch you like, you can reupholster them with neutral-colored fabric to make the piece fit into your space. Remember that the mid-century modern style embraces neutral and earthy tones, so beige, tan, brown and green are all excellent options. You can even add a pop of color by using the fringed mustard accent pillow to contrast the neutral tones of the chairs and couches.

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The mid-century modern design trend is popular, especially with people who prefer minimalist lifestyles. Choosing decor pieces that fit this style may seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be difficult or blow your budget. Browse the selection of items at Antique Farmhouse and use these tips to find mid-century modern decor on a budget.