Mid-Century Modern Living Room Design: Tips and Tricks for a Retro Look

Few decor options are as fun and eccentric as the mid century modern aesthetic. Design concepts often come and go, seemingly as quickly as they arrived. However, mid century modern design is here to stay, and it's not hard to see why. You can have a mid century home design, no matter your age, where you come from or where you are going. If you're looking for mid century modern living room ideas to revamp your home's decor, you've come to the right place. Here is your complete guide to creating a beautiful retro living room fit for the silver screen.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Ideas Mix Vintage Inspiration with Modern Elements

If you love a good retro look but don't know where to start, you can start by learning a bit more about the mid century design concept. As the name implies, mid century design became popular in the middle of the twentieth century. This innovative concept broke away from boring and traditional, instead opting for a balance of eclectic design and surprising functionality. Mid century modern decor has staying power, with vintage-inspired elements for sale even today. Your home is just a few mid century modern living room ideas away from becoming a 60s stunner.

7 Mid Century Living Room Design Components You'll Want To Try Right Away

No two mid century modern home designs are the same, but many components define mid century decor. Here is a breakdown of those common design elements and how to incorporate them into your living room design plan.

1. Tapered Furniture Legs

When you think of mid century furniture, tapered legs probably come to mind. Angled legs are a staple design element of mid century modern furniture because of their instantly recognizable design. Adding a few tapered-leg pieces can instantly elevate your living room design.

2. Bold Colors

While the mid century aesthetic utilizes some neutral elements, the bold colors steal the show. When choosing furniture, accessories and paint colors, think of natural, earthy tones, such as deep orange, bright yellow, warm brown, lime green and rich aqua.

3. Rich Upholstery

Mid century living room design focuses on functionality but doesn't sacrifice appearance in the process. Creative upholstery, such as lively patterns, vibrant solids and rich velvets, allows you to add some lovely statement pieces to your living room decor.

4. Warm Woods

No list of mid century modern living room ideas would be complete without mentioning the role of warm woods. Wood furniture and home accents, such as those made from walnut, incorporate a natural feel common in mid century design.

5. Natural Elements

Textured throws, pillows and natural woven rugs can help you blend earthy outdoor elements into your indoor space. They also are an easy way to tone down and complement daring color choices.

6. Eye-Catching Geometry

Don't worry! You don't have to complete a math assignment to reap the benefits of geometry in your living room plan. Geometric shapes are a recurring thread throughout mid century modern design. From wall art to furniture and accents, geometry has an established presence in the world of mid century decor, sometimes mirroring unique external architectural elements, such as breeze blocks.

7. Eclectic Art

Eye-catching art is the cherry on top of a gorgeous mid century space. Typically using the mid century color palette mentioned above, this eclectic art runs the gamut of creativity. Some abstract pieces utilize unexpected asymmetry, while others incorporate perfect symmetry, retro fonts and bold patterns. The wide swath of mid century art allows you to curate a collection that inspires and brings you joy.

Give These Mid Century Modern Living Room Ideas a Try!

Are you feeling inspired? Perhaps, one of the reasons why this design concept continues to garner affection is the freedom it allows its designer. You can craft your own unique mid century modern look with just the right amount of flair for your taste. Mid century elements can be the star of your living room, or they can be subtle accent pieces sitting quietly and waiting for someone to notice them. Regardless of your taste, adding a few of these funky and functional elements can go a long way. Shop more mid century modern living room ideas today!