10 Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design Ideas to Transform Your Home

Appropriately for a style so future-focused, mid century modern has time-traveled across the decades with no signs of losing its punch. Nowhere is the mid century aesthetic more impactful than in the heart of your home: your kitchen. When you’re ready to bring some forever-modern magic to your space, you have lots of mid century modern kitchen ideas to try.

Colorful Mid Century Modern Kitchen Ideas

Whether it’s the sweet soda-shop peaches and greens of the fifties or the more eye-popping bright hues of the sixties, mid century modern often includes happy and energizing colors. You can bring that retro modern color scheme to life in your kitchen with decorative pieces like this set of stoneware vases, or go even further by repainting your kitchen walls and cabinets in upbeat shades.

Sleek and Streamlined

Modern can mean minimalist, with furniture and accessories that make simplicity stunning. You can add this sleekness to your kitchen with accessories and serving pieces that maximize glamor and minimize fussiness. Mid century minimalism is epitomized in this gorgeous glass pitcher, which adds elegance and decadence with a light touch.

Functionality First

One concept that dominates mid century interiors is an emphasis on functionality.  Enhancing your kitchen's function doesn’t have to mean a major overhaul; you can start with small things you use every day. Even a charmingly simple bread box can communicate chic style while remaining ultimately practical.

Convenience for the Modern Family

When you have kids, that prized functionality we just discussed means your modern kitchen works well as a family hub. The superstars of your mid century kitchen design will be products and surfaces that are easy to use and maintain. One aspect of this ease-of-use focus is keeping everything within easy reach, for example in decorative countertop canisters. Useful accessories that are attractive to display and convenient to use make your kitchen a happier place for the whole family.

Wood and Wood-look Modern Pieces

Although you might think of laminate and leather in connection with mid century interiors, wood and wood veneers add lots of organic style to this style as well. An elegant bent wood side chair could fit very well into your mid century kitchen. If you’ve already been dabbling in “Scandi” style, this mid century look will be familiar.

Always Entertaining

From open-concept floor plans to spacious decks and patios, you may have noticed that mid century homes put a premium on the potential to entertain on a moment’s notice. No mid century party could get swinging without a well-stocked bar, and your modern bar set cannot be complete without a cocktail shaker that Frank Sinatra himself would love!

Geometrics and Stylized Organic Shapes

From walls covered in overlapping rhomboids to sensuously curving tables, mid century interiors overflow with snappy shapes. Use this focus on form in your kitchen with textiles featuring bold geometric patterns or furniture that’s molded into sophisticated curves. Even simple utensils, like this set of salad servers, can bring the fun and function of mid century shapeliness to your modern kitchen.

Quirky Mid Century Modern Kitchen Design

A little sixties-style quirkiness can enliven the sleek and grown-up elements of your mid century kitchen design. Even a simple accent lamp on a sideboard can inject pop-inspired fun into a serious kitchen. Whether through groovy shapes or happy colors, you are free to include more than one era’s trends in your modern kitchen.

Great Galley Kitchens

Many mid century kitchens are laid out in a galley style, as another nod to the mid century obsession with functionality and convenience. If your kitchen has this simple and practical footprint, you can pack plenty of modern panache into your small space. If your galley kitchen is open to a living or lounging area, you might hang a distinctive pendant light over your island or peninsula countertop. Envision your compact kitchen as the ultimate demonstration that mid century’s combination of form and function excels.

Bigger Mid Century Modern Kitchen Ideas

If your kitchen has to accommodate a growing family, seek inspiration in the eat-in kitchens and breakfast nooks that are featured in larger mid century homes. If you’ve got room for more mid century flair, why not include some dining chairs in a modern combination of materials? Remember, mid century design dictates that every corner of your home deserves thoughtful design.

If you crave a kitchen that combines usefulness, style and a bit of whimsy, then these mid century modern kitchen ideas have probably sparked your interest. Antique Farmhouse can help you get the refined mid century look you want.