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Primitive Decor

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    The Farmers Plate Rack
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Primitive decor harkens back to our nation's early days, focusing on rustic and handmade decor pieces. While you may expect to find this design style in an old farmhouse, there is something to be said for the quaint juxtaposition of primitive decor in an urban or suburban setting. In a time chock full of all the luxuries of modern living, many people are choosing to embrace the fundamentals of a simpler and more practical bygone era. If you're considering shaking up your home's look in a simple, functional and charming way, primitive may be the way to go!

There are several common elements of primitive home decor, all of them rooted in the nostalgia of early American life. Wooden signs, decor and furniture were popular among the early pioneers because wood was a readily available natural resource, so wood pieces should be a welcome addition to your home's primitive decor. Similarly, the use of cast iron skillets, cooking utensils, candles and lanterns as functional decor can add value to your space. No primitive home is complete without quilted throws and pillows, as well as glass and galvanized metal elements. As a final touch, don't be afraid to add gingham in the form of towels, table cloths, curtains, aprons and more.

At Antique Farmhouse, we have all you need to achieve an enchanting primitive look in your home. Are you ready to simplify your home's design? Get in touch with your inner homesteader and browse our selection of primitive furniture and decor today!