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The neutral tones, subtle seasonal charm, and farmhouse designs in this beautiful collection will put you in the mood to pick those DARLING DAISIES and decorate for spring! Bring a big hit of cottage-style charm to your design plan with our Ivory Classic Cottage Square Floor Cushion. Create a gorgeous seasonal look with our Willow Hanging Basket Wall Decor. You can add stunning character and exquisite architectural style to your wall decor collection with our Tall Arched Wooden Window Frame Panel. Our Swan Shaped Planter will suit your farmhouse style well and make for a beautiful centerpiece display and our Cream Cotton Slub Pillow will add sweet style and comfort to any room. For more decorating tips and design inspiration visit our friends @thriftyandchicdecor, @gracefulhomedesigns, @downshilohroad, @returninggrace, @courtneyfitzp01, and Enjoy!

Choosing a home decor style is one of the most enjoyable aspects of interior design. Your home’s style should be a reflection of who you are and what makes you feel comfortable. Whether you prefer crisp white linens and walls with simple, delicate detailing, or if you love bursts of color and funky, unique pieces, there’s a perfect home decor style for you. Choose a single design style for your entire home, or mix things up for a one-of-a-kind living space. Whatever your preferences, Antique Farmhouse has you covered. Here are some of our most popular home styles:

● French country - Looking for a warm, upscale style? French country focuses on soft colors (think light yellow, cream, pink, baby blue) and stately furniture with easy lines and graceful arches. French country furniture is often painted, and can have a distressed look for added style.

● Industrial chic - If you are a fan of aged wooden pieces and refurbished materials, then industrial chic is the perfect choice. It combines simple materials such as wood, glass and metal, and creates often masculine-styled pieces which make a real statement.

● Farmhouse decor - Farmhouse decor has its roots firmly planted in old cottages and open farm homes in which everything has its space. It is warm and inviting, with comfy pieces and colors that are easy on the eyes.

● European rustic - European styling is created by a mixture of influences, and is the result of design preferences built up over time from the combination of many cultures. European rustic design is a combination of those time-honored European standards with the simplicity of rustic pieces.

● Modern Farmhouse decor - Unlike traditional Farmhouse style, which was built slowly, Modern Farmhouse is still young, fresh, and vibrant. Think floral or striped patterns, and the combination of old and new pieces for maximum effect.

● Shabby chic - Can’t decide which look is best for your home? Shabby chic lets you pick and choose. Purposefully mismatched pieces and a broad color scheme yield a relaxed, lived-in look.