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Farmhouse wall lighting makes a room feel brighter and creates a charming atmosphere. While they can be used alone, wall-mounted lighting fixtures can be used to balance the overhead and floor lighting in a room to add a layered lighting effect. 

The Pleasing Effects of Modern Farmhouse Wall Lighting 

Mixing different styles of wall lighting can enhance the decor in your home. By utilizing different types of wall-mounted fixtures, you can still create a modern farmhouse feel but with much more warmth and depth. You can use industrial wall lighting options like a large outdoor metal lantern to grace your entryway. Vintage wall lighting can add historical charm. Adorn your living room or dining room walls with Gothic-style wall sconces to add an old-world feel. The kitchen is a great place to add rustic wall lighting. Wooden cutting boards used as backdrops to mason jar light sconces are great ways to add rustic elements to your main cooking area. 

A Refreshing Place for Your Farmhouse Wall Lighting 

At Antique Farmhouse, we have carefully selected wall-mounted lighting fixtures that work well both indoors and outdoors. Our designers have done the heavy lifting for you. Simply select a beautiful wall fixture from our convenient online showroom and enjoy!