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When it comes to home decor, ceilings often go overlooked and underappreciated. We focus on everything from silverware to picture frames to furniture, and forget about the area just above our heads. But the right ceiling decor can truly change the atmosphere of your home. Making overhead changes is a simple yet efficient way to make a small change with big results. Whether you are looking to put the finishing touches on an updated space or want to renovate from the top down, focusing on your ceiling is a wonderful design choice. You can update your ceiling in a number of ways, from painting to texturing. But one of the biggest impacts comes from changing your lighting. By adding a chandelier, for example, you can set the mood for your space, whether you choose a shabby chic style or prefer antique decorations. By choosing light fixtures and other chandeliers of varying sizes and designs, you can enhance the style of your home while making only a single change to the room. By simply replacing your overhead lighting, you can bring a lot to your space without doing a lot of work. Ceiling decor pieces and alterations can truly make your home feel brand new. At Antique Farmhouse, we carry a number of ceiling decor pieces to complement your home’s decor. We have wine barrel and other wooden chandeliers for a natural look, or beaded chandeliers for a more bohemian vibe. So when you are considering the ways that you can upgrade your decor, don’t forget the space above you! Antique Farmhouse is here to help you get the most out of your home with antique and shabby chic furniture, lighting, and decor.