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Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. Halloween is the gateway between summer and the winter holidays, and it is a great time to show off your love of fall. It is an enjoyable holiday that also happens to feature home-flattering hues that bring out the best in your space. Do not wait for Thanksgiving–let Halloween be your reason to kick off the fall decorating season! Halloween decor is fun and varied, which is perfect for a holiday enjoyed by children and adults alike. From black cats to scary bats to cute jack-o-lanterns, Halloween decor covers the gamut from whimsical to scary. Incorporating Halloween decor into your home is also a great idea for one of the most enjoyable events of the season: costume parties! Make your home the go-to party location of the holiday by outfitting your space in fun, functional Halloween decor. Best of all, you can use these pieces year after year to establish an enjoyable tradition for your family and friends. At Antique Farmhouse, we carry a wide selection to meet all of your home decor needs. In everything from shabby chic to farm decor, we have everything from barstools to chandeliers perfect for making a statement. We help you to ensure that your living space is a reflection of your personality, everywhere from your garden to your guest bedroom. Each of our pieces have been selected to bring joy and beauty to your home, giving you specialty pieces you simply will not find anywhere else. Best of all, our products have been divided into simple design categories to help you find complementary products quickly and easily. Whether you are upgrading your porch or redesigning your entire home, trust Antique Farmhouse for all of your home decor needs!