The American farmhouse is the embodiment of everything we love about our homes – families, food, warmth, and love. Cotton has long been the fabric that binds our homes together, serving as the foundation for everything from clothing to wall decor. As you consider your home as the grounding point for your family, think about just how much of your space contains cotton. From table runners to rugs, cotton is everywhere. An astoundingly versatile material, cotton is both soft against the skin and extremely durable, making it a wonderful choice for home decor. In its native form, it makes for lovely wreaths and other minimalistic decorations, as the white flowers stand in stark contrast to the dark stems. As a natural fabric, cotton is perfect for naturally wicking away moisture when used in blankets, and it can be dyed to perfectly match any home’s decor. Cotton is also striking when paired with contrasting materials such as wood and metal, giving your home an eclectic, personalized look. It is environmentally friendly and adaptable for nearly any purpose, making it a favorite among designers, artists, and interior decorators. Cotton has long been a staple of Americana decor, giving our homes everything from holiday wreaths to tabletop decor. At Antique Farmhouse, we are proud of our incredible selection of cotton-based items, and we consider this material to be a must-have for every well-appointed home. Whether you are looking for placemats for your family table or a natural topiary for your enclosed patio, embellish your home with the incredible softness and beauty of cotton.