Cozy Winter Decor To Keep You Warm


Colder temperatures and the weather they bring are often lovely to look at, but not usually nice to be in. Watching the snow fall gently from the comfort of your living room is far more relaxing than having to drive to work in it.

This winter, gather up your most comfy and cozy accessories for a warm and inviting space that your family will love spending time in. You can decorate with things that provide an atmosphere of love and relaxation while keeping everyone safe inside as the winter winds blow.

Striped Country Comforter Set

Set the tone for Christmas, even in your bedroom. This striped country comforter set looks like a candy cane and provides a traditional look for your farmhouse bedroom. The lovely pattern and 100% cotton will make you comfy and cozy. You’ll smile every time you climb into bed.

Choose some complimentary solid pillows and shams in red, green, or gold to complete the seasonal look. Draping an afghan across the foot of the bed makes it more shabby chic while contrasting sheets will make it more festive.

Farmhouse Tassel Edge Pillow

This farmhouse tassel edge pillow brings fun and frivolity to your living room. Its color makes it warm and comfortable, and the 100% cotton finish means it’s washable and easy to care for. The simple style is a classic design that fits in well with any existing decor for a shabby chic farmhouse look.

You can add these throw pillows to a bed, couch, chair, or bench for a stylish touch. Sprinkle them throughout your home for a welcoming atmosphere in every room and watch your decor come together to create a blissful haven.

Elegant Ruffled Window Curtains

These elegant ruffled window curtains add simple style to any room. The neutral color goes with anything, and they are light enough to let plenty of natural light into the room. It will brighten the room and create an inviting ambiance.

These curtains are sweet and cozy and make a great addition to any room you want to feel more intimate. Anchor them in your living room to let the light in or pull them closed in a guest bedroom to create a subtle muted atmosphere.

Embroidered Pom Pom Pillow

This sweet and stylish embroidered pom pom pillow is a real treat for your furniture. It spruces up your couch, chair, or bed with fun colors and delicate designs. It’s a great accent piece for any decor, and it makes your room more cute and cheerful.

Not only is this pillow vibrant and fun, but it adds comfort to your relaxation with lumbar support. Use it as a happy accent piece while making a bold statement at the same time.

Carriage Candle Lantern

This carriage candle lantern is a handsome throwback to traditional European lamps. With a candle inside, it brings both physical and decorative warmth to your room. You can also display your favorite knick-knack inside for a whimsical approach to your decor.

The wood, metal, and glass construction adds charm to any space, and with the metal loop on top, you can hang it easily. It is a beautifully crafted way to warm your home and provide classic beauty and grace anywhere you need it.

This winter, cozy up by the fire with these delightful accessories that provide a warm and comfortable space for your family to gather. Enjoy family game nights, entertaining guests, and settling in with some holiday treats all while staying dry and warm.

Enjoy Antique Farm House’s vast array of plush and comfortable items to bring warmth to your home when it’s cold outside. Pillows, throws, sheets, home decor, and more can all add to the ambiance of your comfy and cozy winter home.