Shabby Chic Bedroom

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A shabby chic bedroom provides the ideal place for relaxation with smooth furniture lines and ultra-soft blankets. Welcome your friends into a guest room or spruce up your own sleeping quarters with shabby chic bedroom decor that will make you feel calm and at peace.

Lace and fringe are excellent choices for shabby chic bedroom decor because they look elegant draped over the end of the bed. You can mirror this fabric choice in your windows with soft, sheer, lace curtains or drapes with ruffles. Keep colors neutral to promote relaxation. When you do want to add an extra dash of color, make it your favorite pastel. Pale and understated colors are the perfect way to incorporate your unique taste into your shabby chic bedroom. Bring those same materials to a couch or a chair in the bedroom where you can curl up to read or simply kick off your shoes at the end of the day. Drape a blanket over the back of your furniture without folding it to accent the piece and draw attention to a comfortable place to sit and relax.

If you have a bathroom attached to your master bedroom, shabby chic bathroom decor can add to your space. It provides a welcoming space with whimsical sayings and funny pictures on the wall. Complete your shabby chic bedroom with a bathroom that continues the theme. Hang a ruffled shower curtain and provide plenty of distressed cabinet space for storage. Shabby chic bedroom decor is the perfect addition to your shabby chic home. Shop Antique Farmhouse for your favorite shabby chic bedroom items and complete the look with everything you need to make your house a shabby chic home.