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Modern Farmhouse Decor


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Modern farmhouse decor combines the best seasoned and new furnishings for a rustic but chic home. When you put a contemporary spin on classic country style, you get cozy rooms full of personality. Explore this unique decorating method with our selection of products that will breathe new life into any room of your house. With modern farmhouse wall decor, you can achieve a contemporary style that has a comforting traditional feel. With country color schemes, materials and subject matter combined with modern designs and art techniques, you can adorn your walls in winning style.

Bring this new look throughout your house for a consistent feel with modern farmhouse bathroom decor and modern farmhouse kitchen decor. From bar stools to artwork to unique lighting fixtures, we have various options that are the perfect blend of city sleek and country calm. Our large selection of living room modern farmhouse decor offers many ways to mix clean lines with layered textures and muted color palettes. Patterned rugs in neutral tones set the stage for natural materials, modern furniture and throw pillows. Design an upscale living space that still feels like the comforts of home.

While farmhouse and modern convey opposite aesthetics, they create an excellent balance when paired together. Select clean, minimal elements, soft-hued curtains and cozy accents for modern farmhouse bedroom decor that you'll want to stay in all day. When you embrace this decorating style, you can choose your favorite charming pieces and combine them with today's sleek, updated styles. Create a country feel without the clutter while retaining the imperfections of a farmhouse look. Combine contemporary pendant lights and modern farmhouse furniture with jute rugs and textured wall art to create a homey interior. Layer fabrics, natural materials and patterns in a minimal color scheme to create a clean, fresh design that also displays warmth and character. Let your personality shine through with the harmony of a modern farmhouse look.