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America has long been referred to as a melting pot, given our origins as a place for people from all over the world to come, plant their roots, and begin their lives anew. The American Classic design style echoes this concept, bringing together old and new pieces for a revamped style all its own. American classic decor is about combining comfort with beauty, simplicity with style, and functionality with fantasy. If you are looking for a design style which is simple to create and gives you a chance to truly create your own space, then American classic decor is a wonderful choice. When you think about American classic decor, you should envision traditional looks such as denim or stripes, with quilts and distressed wood. Consider the textiles and materials of your childhood and bring them to life in your own home. American classic style implements an openness to mixing styles such as florals and prints, and combining a wide range of colors to breathe new life into any room. As you choose your American classic pieces, think about your favorite pair of blue jeans, and how you’ve paired them with everything from tee shirts to sports jackets and tennis shoes to heels. Your home should feel the same, open to combining with whatever pieces catch your eye. At Antique Farmhouse, decor is our only focus, allowing us to bring you some of the best pieces of American classic products from around the country, and even the world. Take a look at some of our favorite pieces, and start building the American classic home you’ve always wanted. From the foyer to bedrooms and even the garden, our American classic pieces will help you to make your home your favorite place on earth.