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From the earliest of ages, we learn that cooking meals is a simple way to show love to our family and friends. Some of our strongest memories are created in our kitchens, whether while watching our mothers cook or helping our fathers get steaks ready to grill. It is where we baked holiday cookies and attempted to make breakfast for our mothers on Mother’s Day. Our kitchens become a central point of gathering and comfort throughout our lives, wherever we are and in whatever space we may call home. As they say, if our home had a heart, you would find it in the kitchen. There is a good reason why so much of our time is spent in our kitchens. The love that we create through our cooking and conversation emanates from our kitchens and can fill our entire homes. At Antique Farmhouse, we carry shabby chic and farmhouse kitchen decor to help you create your dream space. We have wall hangings and other decor that you can use to create your own design style, and dining and serving pieces to help you carry that theme throughout the meal experience. Our lighting collection includes the perfect chandeliers for your farmhouse kitchen, including unique wine barrel pieces which walk the fine line between lighting and art. Whether you are decorating your kitchen from scratch or simply looking to upgrade or enhance your current style, we carry everything you need. And our unique decor selections will help you bring your farmhouse kitchen ideas to life. Trust Antique Farmhouse to complement your kitchen and to make it the central point of your home–just as it always should be.