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When it comes to your home, every square foot is important in some way. Every room can be a canvas for painting the life you want to live. This includes the bathroom, whether it is your private master bath or the guest washroom just off the main hallway. You decide what you want to feel when you enter this small part of your home, this intimate space, and let Antique Farmhouse help you make that feeling a reality. You may want to make your master bath into a romantic escape for you and your partner, adding elegant candle lanterns and “his and hers” themed décor, or you may be going for a more functional feel, choosing items that make your morning routine simple and fast to follow.  Antique Farmhouse would like to offer you items for the guest bath that will make it easy for your family and friends to find soap and towels when needed and still communicate the personality of the home. From storage containers and vanity trays to pharmacy style mirrors and wall clocks, Antique Farmhouse has plenty of unique and lovely pieces for your modern or traditional style bathroom décor. Let us help you make this quiet space inside your home a truly inviting place to spend time.