Sleek, contemporary and gracefully shaped this collection of gorgeous trophies offers exceptional variety. Exquisite and beautiful in every aspect, our trophies are all made of engraved brass with an antique silver finish. Use them to adorn your mantel or foyer table or just have them any where. They are so beautiful you can't keep your eyes off of them!

Always wanted a trophy? well, this is your chance to get one... We know you deserve it, so don't be shy, claim what is rightfully yours. They're sooo cool... We know!

At Antique Farmhouse, we have a vintage trophy collection to beautify your home and tickle your fancy. Take a look through our inventory of vintage trophies adorned with both classic and tongue in cheek categories which are sure to be conversation starters among your family and guests.

These vintage trophies are sturdy, made of engraved brass with a beautiful antique silver finish. They will look lovely on the mantle above the fireplace, or on any counter space where they can be admired by family and guests alike. Our trophies will add a lovely finishing touch to your vintage styled home.

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