Crisp, clean, and easy on the eye. Our lush garden greeneries are made from preserved boxwood, their cool crisp color will set a tone that soothes and calms you. Whether you are going green or not, this is the season to celebrate nature...

They are the perfect housewarming gift, these elegant and romantic topiaries bring natural, defined beauty to any space.

We humans have been looking to replicate the beauty of Mother Nature for centuries. For all of our design innovations, the truth is that we can never rival the majesty that surrounds us. From incredible landscapes to rolling meadows to the breaking waves of the world’s oceans, we are surrounded by beauty at every turn.

That is why it is sometimes best to accept defeat and acknowledge that whatever your efforts, Mother Nature will always have you beat. So, rather than trying to one-up nature, try simply incorporating it into your décor!

Antique Farmhouse’s Green Décor line gives you the opportunity to choose from a selection of preserved boxwood styles. We have wreaths in 24”, 12” and smaller sizes, as well as boxwood balls from small to XL. We also have sets of preserved boxwood in varying sizes and shapes, ready to be placed anywhere in your home. Finally, we have a provincial urn and an urn planter which are sure to beautify any space, indoors or out.

As you make your home décor selections, do not overlook the possibilities that lush greenery can bring to your living spaces. From sitting rooms to foyers to even bedrooms or bathrooms, these boxwoods add depth and color to any room in your home. We at Antique Farmhouse are proud to offer these topiaries as part of our home décor selections.

Antique Farmhouse offers unique, well-made items which reflect your personal style. We have the one-of-a-kind pieces you won’t find anywhere else, and at reasonable prices. Whether you are updating your décor or creating a new space from scratch, we are here to help. See the heart- and hearth-warming selections at Antique Farmhouse today