Primitive Décor

— Primitive Décor —

Many hunters used to keep trophies of their hunt in the homes to honor their prey’s sacrifice. You may not be a great hunter, but you do respect what that sacrifice is about. Let a simple detail command your home’s primitive décor appeal with a vintage style deer head wall mount. It has the natural look, without the effort associated with attaining such a wall mount; the perfect place to start when decorating your house with primitive décor.

Another great way to have the look of antiquated wears, yet made in modern society, is to have a few aspects of your look made from something earthen. A terra cotta compote set would add to your primitive décor theme while adding a useful piece to your collection; a great way to keep your plants in something special, too.

Perhaps the best way to add to your primitive décor set is to use something that hones in on that repurposed feel. Items that have been repurposed to make an artful asset to your household such as the reclaimed enamel tray bar cart. It has been reformatted from something people left as scrap metal into a wonderful cart ready to accent your home. With one of the many recycled items from Antique Farm House, you are sure to find the perfect piece to help bolster your primitive décor set.