— Furniture —

At Antique Farm House we know furniture, and we know it in all facets. We aren’t talking just tables and places for you to sit; our furniture selection is all-encompassing. Inspire nostalgia with an Americana accent in your hallway, or plan a room around a sturdy, industrial chic necessity. From useful side tables to elegant end tables, rustic looking lodge chairs to handcrafted couches, you will discover furniture that not only is functional, but also a piece of art.

Antique Farm House’s furniture selections have the look of stylish recycled, upcycled, and repurposed pieces that are not only are unique and functional but also breathe life into old, often overlooked necessities. Milk crate inspired looks and well-worn wood can add undeniable rustic charm to your life, giving you centerpieces and functionality all in one. This once-forgotten furniture can now help restore your home and help you achieve the look you want to capture.

With so many new styles and color options always changing for home furniture styles, why not keep yours a classic? Antique Farm House is the perfect place to find antique-inspired furniture that will create the atmosphere you want to embrace with style that feels chic and homey at the same time. Check out our selection of that is a model of craftsmanship and class.