Antique Farmhouse

  • The Mom Cave: Color or Romance?

    Today is Valentine’s Day, a day of romance, chocolates, flowers maybe spending time with your significant other and making sure they know just how many kisses you spend on them in year. I do love Valentine’s Day, but not for the same reasons I did 10 years ago. I now...
  • Tractor Seat Stool - Farmhouse Decor Meets Industrial Chic

    The holiday season is quickly approaching, and we’re already dreaming of farmhouse decor with a touch of industrial chic. We just can’t quite make up our minds. Nothing merges those decorating ideas like a tractor seat stool. Whether you live on a farm, were raised on a farm, or are...
  • The New Industrial Age

    Industrial Chic - The New Trend The current industrial revolution has little to do with factories and assembly lines. Industrial chic is the newest trend in interior décor. This look isn't even reserved for urban lofts anymore. Think aged metal and weathered wood. It is a simple style that has the...
  • Three Steps to Arranging Your Home Decor Items

    One of the biggest home decorating challenges is how to arrange your home decor accessories into a cohesive theme that is visually engaging. We have found three general home decor principles that can help you organize and display your new home decor accessories in a way that everyone will love...

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