The New Industrial Age

Industrial Chic - The New Trend

The current industrial revolution has little to do with factories and assembly lines. Industrial chic is the newest trend in interior décor. This look isn't even reserved for urban lofts anymore. Think aged metal and weathered wood. It is a simple style that has the modern look of clean lines. Take the edge off the industrial look with neutral colors, and don't be afraid to add a personal touch.

The rugged look of industrial chic design is a welcome change from recent glitz and glam. There's no need to turn your home into an industrial warehouse. A few well placed industrial accents will add uncomplicated charm to your home.

For those attracted to a more minimalist lifestyle, industrial chic decor is the perfect match. If you've seen minimalist home furnishing accessories with not-so-minimalist price tags, you will love these discount home décor ideas.

Industrial Chic

Metal accents fall into the industrial chic category. This vintage inspired metal light fixture paired with an Edison light bulb fits the bill.


Guide your guests in style with this chalkboard arrow. A unique piece of industrial décor is the ideal accessory for your minimalist design.


This versatile distressed bedspring wall hanging is the perfect example of industrial chic. Add warmth by displaying your favorite photos.